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Praxis Profiline "Industrial Ethernet

Vogel Verlag, first edition 2002, ISBN 3-8259-1914-5 , Ap. 150 Pages, German/English. This issues presents IAONA Europe as umbrella organization for industrial Ethernet, offers the basics of this technology, introduces the IAONA Installation Guide, and presents an arrangement of currently available products together with complete applications (Out of print).

Praxis Profiline "Industrial Ethernet"

Vogel Verlag, second edition 2005, ISBN 3-8259-1930-7 , Ap. 150 Pages, German/English. In this newest edition "PRAXIS Profiline - Industrial Ethernet" the five organizations Ethernet Powerlink Standardization Group, EtherCAT Technology Group, Modbus-IDA, Open DeviceNet Vendor Association and Interessengemeinschaft Sercos Interface introduce their products which each are optimized for their special fields of application. At the beginning of the booklet a short introduction into the basics of Industrial Ethernet will be given by IAONA, which in equal measure is associated to the mentioned organizations by a common Memorandum of Understanding (Out of print).