port GmbH changes its name

The port GmbH changes its name. The "port Gesellschaft für computergestützte Automation mbH" becomes "port industrial automation GmbH"
Since 1990, the company port is active in the area of real-time communication and has earned worldwide a reputation and brand. Port started with CANopen in 1994 and continues to expand its portfolio of protocol stacks and tools for PROFINET, EtherNetIP, EtherCAT, POWERLINK and CC-Link / TSN. In......

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PROFINET und EtherNet/IP as one Package – including DesignTool Support

PROFINET und EtherNet/IP as one Package - including DesignTool Support Port combines the so far separately offered protocol libraries for PROFINET and EtherNet/IP under GOAL into one package. Both protocols run on top of the middleware GOAL, jointly enabling port.de customers for standard compliant PROFINET and EtherNet/IP communication. Everything is available out-of-the-box and compliant to the latest Conformance Test Software by ODVA and PNO (Profibus.com). Accordingly,......

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ST Microlectronics STM32F meets real-time multi-protocol solutions from port  With the SoM IoT, port offers a cost-effective and fast solution for integration into PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT ** networks. Best of all: all 3 Real Time Protocols are available on board. An extensive tool......

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SoM IoT Module cUL certified

07/2019 - SoM IoT - Communication Board has passed the cUL certification and is now available.
The SoM IoT Communication Board has taken another major hurdle. In addition to the passed PROFINET (CCB) certification, the module is now also CUL approved. The SoM IoT Board offers 3 fieldbus systems on board. These are PROFINET (CCB), EtherNet / IP and EtherCAT. The basic middelware is mapped by GOAL. The SPI makes communication with a host CPU simple and inexpensive.

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CANopen Design Tool - - Update

06/2019 - an update of the CANopen Design Tool is available. New drivers and a new profile database have been added. Driver: DP Renesas RX72M (Order No. 0565/167)Driver: DP ST STM32F446 (Order No. 0545/106)Profile database for the CiA-402 standard CANopen device profile for drives and motion control, V4.1.0...

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Protocol library PROFINET RT1-CCB and EtherNet/IP as one Package – including Design-Tool Support

Port combines the so far separately offered protocol libraries for PROFINET and EtherNet/IP under GOAL into one package. Both protocols run on top of the middleware GOAL, jointly enabling port.de customers for standard compliant PROFINET and EtherNet/IP communication. Everything is available out-of-the-box and compliant to the latest Conformance Test Software by ODVA and PNO (Profibus.com). Accordingly, the customer’s application can support PROFINET or EtherNet/IP out of one......

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SoM IoT / Industry 4.0 modules for integration into LINUX environments

PORT is expanding its SoM (System on Module) offering for real-time communication applications for use on Linux. The SoM IoT / Industry 4.0 modules offer PROFINET CCB and EtherNetIP on board and can now be easily integrated into LINUX environments. The SoM-IoT Real Time Communication Module provides a cost effective and easy to integrate communication solution. The market-leading real-time communication systems such as PROFINET CCB, EtherNetIP (EtherCAT and CANopen on request) are made......

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Embedded DevCon India 2019

At the Embedded DevCon India 2019, MONLOPARK and PORT present current trends and solutions in the area of Real Time Communication. Marcus Tangermann, CTO of the company PORT, will give a lecture on current trends and solutions. Embedded DevCon is designed to provide software and system developers the resources to understand and tackle complex challenges of developing a safe embedded system – from the Design to the Testing. The two-day conference will consist of only technical tracks of......

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embedded world 2019 Hall 1 Booth 648

Industrie 4.0, IoT - we read and hear that every day. All devices, controllers and sensors will communicate with each other in the future, partly in REAL TIME, in different environments and, above all, safely. The choice of hardware platforms or the extended use of existing devices and systems - all this brings new challenges. We at Port will be showcasing solutions in Hall 1, Booth 648.  Multi-protocol solution or a......

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CANopen Design Tool support RENESAS RZT1 CPU

The new CANopen Design Tool Update 2.3.28 supports the RENESAS CPU RZT1. With the support of the RZT1 MCU series, PORT GMBH offers a comprehensive CANopen support for RENESAS CPUs. In addition to the RZT1 series, the series RX, RZT, RZN, RIN32 and many others are supported....

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PORT and MENLOPARK agree on cooperation in India and Singapore in sales and system integration

port and MENLOPARK agree on far-reaching cooperation for the regions of India and Singapore. In the future MENLPARK will take care of customers in India and Singapore and support customers locally. At the same time, MENLOPARK will provide technical support for PORT products and system integration for local customers. Dietmar R. Franke (CEO) port GmbH: The interest of companies in India and Singapore in port's real-time technology has greatly increased in......

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CANopen - PORT new drivers available

01/2019  PORT is further expanding its driver portfolio for the CANopen stacks (master / slave). Additional CPU / MCU from RENESAS, NXP, XILINXTexas Instruments and Spansion are now supported. PORT now has more than 200 Driver Packages available for various MCU / CPU in stock. Below are the latest available CANopen Driver Packages: (0565/153) DP Spansion MB9BF15x  Compiler/IDE: Atollic TrueSTUDIO for ARM v8.1.0 (basierend auf gcc v6.3.1) Board:......

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NEW: SoM (System on Module) IoT

SoM IoT - real time communication Board  System on Module - SoM IoT and real time communication very easy Based on a RIN32M3EC CPU in combination with GOAL technology from PORT, this SoM offers:  PROFINETEtherNetIPEtherCATCANopen   on board. Simply connect via the SPI of your host controller - and your applications are already multi-protocol capable. An......

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CANopen Design Tool Update 2.3.24

For the CANopen Design Tool (CDT) the update 2.3.24 is available for download. CDT V2.3.24 has the following changes / extensions: Added DP Xilinx Zync7020DP ST STM32F7 FreeRTOS: Support of the 3rd CAN controller Furthermore, the calculation of the CAN bit rates has been updated on our website. www.port.de/en/bit-timing.html The current CDT manual can be download ...

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PROFINET Device Monitor Update V1.06 available

PROFINET Device Monitor The free of charge  "PROFINET Device Monitor" and the "PROFINET Device Monitor - Command Line Tool" are easy to uses tools to support the developer during the development and testing phase of PROFINET capable devices.  The tools are optimally adapted to the PROFINET stacks of PORT GmbH, but can also be used in other PROFINET networks. The tools allow to:   scan networks for PROFINET capable devices regardless......

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Exhibition - All About Automation in Essen

We are there for you - together with our partner RESA iCDPS GmbH we exhibit in the time from 06. - 07.06.2018 on the "All About Automation" in Essen. Visit us at booth 116 and learn more about Real Time and industrial communication solutions. where: Messe Essen, Norbertstraße, 45131 Essen...

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CANopen Mini Bootloader Paulus for TI TMS320F28035

The CANopen Mini Bootloader "PAULUS" is now also available for the MCU / CPU platform from Texas Instruments TI TMS320F28035. The bootloader supports LSS, Emergency, Heartbeat, Auto-Start and requires only 16kB Flash. The special charm of this boot loader is the small size with full CANopen functionality, which allows firmware updates via...

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CANopen Master/Slave - new platforms supported

PORTs CANopen Master/Slave stack supports the following new platforms: Texas Instruments TMS320DM6435 using SYS/BIOS and offering Autobaud functionalityTexas Instruments TMS320F28379 using SYS/BIOS has received an update and should now work with......

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EtherCAT – Texas Instruments TMS320 DSP platforms supported

EtherCAT TI TMS320F2837x ControlCARD connected with a ET1100 EtherCAT board (EtherCAT BoosterPack) is now supported using SPI or EMIF (parallel, external memory interface) CoE CANopen over EtherCAT, FoE File over EtherCAT, EoE Ethernet......

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CANopen Design Tool - Update available

A new update for the CDT (CANopen Design Tool) is now available. The version now includes the following extension: for the Infineon AURIX TC23X driver, Fractional Divider Mode (FDR mode) support has been added The CANopen Design Tool is available for Windows and LINUX. ...

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EtherCAT Design Tool Update available

An update for the EDT (EtherCAT Design Tool) is available . In version the following extensions have been integrated: Driver Texas Instruments TMS320F2837X with external memory interface (EMIF)The index range for the manufacturer-specific object descriptions is configurable now. Therewith it is possible to generate object documentations including only manufacturer-specific......

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embedded Hardware and Device Solutions

PORT GMBH expands its portfolio with embedded hardware and device products The PORT GmbH from Halle / Saale is expanding its existing portfolio "Software & Real Time Communication Solutions" with embedded hardware and device products. In the future, SBCs (single board computers), gateways or I / O products will be offered. Depending on the technical requirements, all products offer fieldbus or multi-protocol solutions on board. Based on the "GOAL"......

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9th European Congress ERTS in Toulouse / France

- EMBEDDED REAL TIME SOFTWARE AND SYSTEMS - We like to invite you to the 9th European Congress ERTS in Toulouse / France. 31th January to 2th February 2018 PORT GmbH and our partner NEOMORE present the latest trends in REAL-Time-Communication. We show the latest products in the area of stacks and tools. Furthermore, we advise you on the new available MCU platforms.read more....

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Update: CAnopen 4.5.14 with CiA 447 Examples

The latest update for port’s CANopen Library comes with an example for creating CiA 447 devices (special-purpose car add-on devices). CiA 447 specifies an extension to the CANopen functionality to handle the requirements of vehicles being equipped with special......

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EMTRION and PORT agree on a cooperation

10/2017 Halle, Saale / Karlsruhe  EMTRION and PORT agree on a cooperation in the field of embedded hardware solutions using GOAL technology (multi-protocol solutions) The challenges of Industry 4.0 and IoT require all future industry devices and solutions to become communicable. On one hand, IT requirements are increasingly merging with factory automation, on the other hand, processes and procedures demand "real-time" capable......

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RENESAS RX231 CANopen support by IAR Embedded Workbench

09/2017 port Extends its CANopen driver portfolio for the RENESAS RX231 supported by IAR Embedded Workbench the following features are now available: DP Renesas RX231 Features: single line, BasicCAN, 11+29bit Ids. Examples: s1, s2, s3, m1, m2,m3 Evalboard: Renesas Evaluation Board RSK+RX231 IDE/Compiler: C/C++ compiler package for RX family V.2.03.00IDE: e2 studio Version: 4.01.007IDE: IAR Embedded Workbench for RX......

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CANopen Library V 4.5.13 available

(09/2017) PORT delivers the new CANopen Library version 4.5.13 to its customers The CANopen Library has been comprehensively revised and is now available as an update to our customers. Customers with a current SMA (Service - Maintenance - Agreement) are automatically sent to the update. For our customers without SMA, we recommend an update to the new version - we would be happy to make you an offer. What is New: the library can now report any......

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CANopen Design Tool V2.3.16 Update

An update for the CANopen Design Tool CDT in version 2.3.16 is available for download. There is only a small extension: the MCU...

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EtherCAT Design Tool V1.6.0

08/2017 The EtherCAT Design Tool (EDT) is available with extensive improvements and enhancements in version 1.6.0. The new version can be used under Linux and Windows. A selection of the extensions can be found here: data types UNSIGNED64 and INTEGER64 are supported autocorrection for Size of numerical objects during CSV-import addedsupport of......

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CANopen Design Tool Version 2.3.14 available

(08/2017) The CDT (CANopen Design Tool) is now available in version 2.3.14 and now supports the following hardware platform: TI Hercules TMS570DP...

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EtherCAT - Stack Update V 1.6.0

08/2017 The EtherCat Library has been thoroughly revised and is now available in version 1.6.0. The following product enhancements have been integrated: added MII Management API (Phy access via ESC registers)added support for Input Only slaves with Sync Manager 2 as InputsCoE: added timeout when waiting for a Master to read response from a MailboxSDO: Complete Access - allow writing less than all Subindicesfixed waiting for DC......

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CANopen Driver: Atmel SAM4E FreeRTOS

08/2017 PORT GmbH is expanding its driver portfolio in the area of CANopen. The Atmel SAM4E is now supported with FreeRTOS. The driver is available with the following features and for the following development environments: Compiler/IDE: IAR Workbench for ARM v7.70Board: Atmel SAM4E EvaluationKitFeatures: Multiline, BasicCAN, 11+29bit IDsExamples: s1,s2,s4,m1 supporting FreeRTOS support (using Heap)  Notes: The driver and examples based on......

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CANopen Drivers for STM32F7 with Free RTOS

Port now offers CANopen drivers for the STM32F7 with FreeRTOS. The following features are offered: DP ST STM32F7xx FreeRTOS / Compiler/IDE: Keil ARMCC v5.22 - µVision5  additional: Atollic TrueSTUDIO for ARM v8.0.0 (gcc based) (example projects s1, s2, m1 available with this IDE) / Board: STM32F769I-EVAL Features: Multiline,......

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POWERLINK re-certified by EPSG and TCP/IP supported

(07/2017) Port’s established POWERLINK Library is frequently used on TI’s AM3357 and AM3359 Systems, enabling Industrial Ethernet customers to use the PRU embedded hardware-emulated components Low-Latency POWERLINK Hub and Auto-Reply MAC. This reliable system receives the software support from port’s established POWERLINK Protocol Library....

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PORT GmbH - ISO 9001-2015 certified

05/2017 PORT GmbH has been DIN EN ISO 9001 certified since 1999. With the new certification, the requirements of the new ISO 9001-2015 have been implemented. These are the following: Strategic orientation of the organizationGreater involvement of target groups within and outside the organizationProcess managementDistribution of responsibilitiesRisk management, identification of opportunities and risks, their analysis and evaluationKnowledge......

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New helpful PROFINET Tools

02/ 2017 - new free of charge & helpful PROFINET Tools available  The free of charge  "PROFINET Configuration Tool" and the "PROFINET Command Line Tool" are easy to uses tools to support the developer during the development and testing phase of PROFINET capable devices.  The tools are optimally adapted to the PROFINET stacks of PORT GmbH, but can also be used in other PROFINET networks....

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Company Rating - "CrefoZert" Certification awarded

01/2017 - PORT GmbH is awarded the "CrefoZert" certificate by Creditreform for a good / very good corporate rating. Within the framework of quality management PORT GmbH does not only check compliance with the guidelines of DIN / EN / ISO 9001. An essential part of the concept is also the company's rating, related to the financial management. The Creditreform has examined the company PORT GmbH and has given the "CrefoZert" for good / very good credit rating and financial......

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CAnopen Library - Update 4.5.11 available

For the CANopen Library 4.5 is a new patch version 11 available. thats New:   includes and source were changed to UTF-8, including the templatesdevices with CO_CONFIG_SELFSTARTING_SLAVE can change bit 3 of 1f80hthis allows (re-)configuration of selfstarting slave behavior at runtimeall SDO abort codes defined in CiA 301 available for......

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CANopen Design Tool - supports 5 new MCU platforms

The new update for the CANopen Design Tool offers additional CPU platforms support. In version 2.3.7, 15 new MCU drivers have already been supported. The following drivers and platforms are now available in conjunction with the CANopen Library: DP Infineon XMC4200DP NXP LPC4078 / 4088DP ST STM32L4 FreeRTOS......

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CANopen Design Tool CDT V2.3.7

Germany // Halle / September 2016 The new CANopen Design Tool (CDT) is now available in version 2.3.7. There are supporting more than 17 new MCU / CPU's. Furthermore, new features have been added. The CDT is available for Windows and LINUX. new features:  the data type INTEGER64 is supported.virtual PDOs can be......

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new EtherCAT Design Tool

PORT GmbH offers its customers a new EtherCAT Design Tool in conjunction with the new EtherCAT slave - Stack 1.5. The EtherCAT design tool  is completely reworked. Both, the stack and the tools support extensively the new certification requirements of the ETG. The offer to support other hardware platforms has been enhanced, as well as added more......

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EtherCAT Slave Stack V1.5 available

PORT GMBH is now offering the completely revised EtherCAT Slave Stack. There a number of new functions have been integrated and the performance improved. One of the main features is the optimization of the stack for the new Conformance Test 2.0 ETG. The new EtherCAT Slave Stack includes the following new features: data type BYTE supportedfull support of SDO Complete Access (automatic padding of bit data types)FoE Busy-Requests (delay a FoE Read or......

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CAN Media Converter

Port is expanding its offering in the field of CAN - devices and hardware solutions. The new media - converters (conversion from copper to fiber optics) can be used in star- and in Desy chain - structures. The media - converters are available in 2 versions for PMMA and ST. The devices are offered in small space-saving DIN rail housing. More information can be found here: here follow the link...

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new CANopen drivers available

new drivers for CANopen available Port GmbH is constantly expanding support for new hardware platforms. New drivers and boot loader for the following platforms available:  Freescale, Infineon, ST Micro, Microchip, Renesas, Altera and Texas Instruments  Of course, our CANopen Design Tool is up to date - a trial download can be found here...

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CANopen Protocol Stack for latest Renesas’ 32-Bit RX231 MCU Group

Düsseldorf, Halle - October 22, 2015 – Renesas Electronics Europe, a premier supplier of advanced semiconductor solutions, and port GmbH today announced the availability of a highly efficient CANopen protocol stack for Renesas’ smart 32-bit RX231 MCUs. Renesas ported the widely used and popular CANopen software stack in cooperation with its business partner port GmbH.  The Renesas RX231 series offers a family of devices with large on-chip SRAM of up to 64 KB and up to 512 kB of......

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complete DS401 (I/O Devices) State Machine for CANopen

Port offers a complete DS401 (I / O Devices) State Machine and Profile for the CANopen stack. Furthermore, a very helpful DS402 (Drives) are offered a example with profile CANopen as a product. Thus DS401 applications can be implemented quickly and effectively. The DS402 example is an enormous help in the development of CANopen DS402 + compatible drives. For further information please contact our......

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New: CANopen Driver for Microchip dsPIC33EPxx / dsPIC33Evxx

Port expanded its CANopen hardware support for MCU / CPU's from Microchip for the product families: Microchip dsPIC33EPxx Family of MCUMicrochip dsPIC33Evxx Famaly of MCU  to. The CDT (CANopen Design Tool) also support the full extent above product family. PORT CANopen technology currently supports......

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CANopen Library 4.5 - Update 4.5 available

The now available version of the CANopen Library (Update) 4.5 has been expanded to include some features, improved performance and supports more current CPU / MCU. Callback functionality now available for MPDOs.Callback views even when broken SDO transfer.Writing new faster access function of the objects if the object pointer is already knownnew scheme for easy storage of configuration......

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CANopen Design Tool (CDT) Update

The new CDT (Canopen Design Tool) version 2.3.6 is ready for download now. What’s new? new hardware drivers: Freescale Kinetis 20xFreescale Kinetis 22xMicrochip dsPIC33EPxxMicrochip dsPIC33EVxx  advanced features and bug fixing  for extended data types the brackets optimized in macro SET_*extern declaration for callback functions correcteda warning is printed out during......

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25 years port GmbH

Port GmbH - a proven and innovative company in the field of industrial communication technology. Innovative and up to date - but yet 25 years old. Since 1990, PORT has prescribed the development of fieldbus technology. As a founding member of the CiA (CAN in Automation) has PORT in the success of CANopen large proportion and is now one of the world's leading providers of CANopen stacks and tools. The list of......

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PHYTEC (Mainz) and port (Halle) expand their embedded systems portfolios with integrated supporting PROFINET and EtherNet/IP

PHYTEC (Mainz) and port (Halle) expand their embedded systems portfolios with an integrated industrial communication technology offering supporting the PROFINET and EtherNet/IP protocol standards. PHYTEC and port will introduce at the SPS/IPC an embedded board solution with integrated PROFINET and EtherNet/IP industrial Ethernet support. The phyBOARD-Wega Single Board Computer (SBC), populated with the Texas Instruments AM335x processor, is the first PHYTEC board to features......

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Multi-protocol connectivity for RX64M RENESAS

Renesas and its partner Port GmbH have announced connectivity solutions for CANopen, and industrial Ethernet protocols stacks for the RX64M MCU series. This includes associated design tools. Solutions for Ethercat and Powerlink are also available as an on-demand option. The solution ensures that the product series is tailored to......

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Port´s CANopen Stack Version 4.5. now available – more power – more functionality – more “inclusive” module

Port´s CANopen Stack Version 4.5. now available – more power – more functionality – more “inclusive” module  More power, more functionality - that describes the new CANopen Library 4.5 and the CANopen Design Tool 2.3 best.  Whether new included modules, more supported platforms or faster program development:  A look at the latest generation of our proven CANopen software is......

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port GmbH provides full range CANopen support for STM32 F0 Entry-level Cortex™-M0 MCUs

port GmbH extends the CANopen support for STMicro‘s STM32F0 Entry level Cortex™-M0 MCUs and provides connectivity for the entire STM32F family with Tools as well as with CANopen technolgy with drivers. The "STM32 F0 Entry Level-Cortex ™-M0-MCU“ offers 32Bit power for very costs sensitive applications. The STM32F0 MCUs combine Real-Time performance, Low-Power operation and an advanced......

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NEW:: PROFINET Design Tool

For comfortable and easy configuration and object dictionary management, port provides its Unified DesignTool Platform which enables the user to develop communication solutions using port stacks rapidly.  The individual functionality for each stack is realized by plug-ins for each protocol. So the user has only to learn how to work with one tool.  The PROFINET DesignTool contains the Unified DesignTool Platform as well as the plug-in for port’s PROFINET IO......

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Controller Area Network (CAN) and Industrial Ethernet Training Day.

Port GmbH, Warwick Control Technologies and Contemporary Controls Ltd, invite to a "Controller Area Network (CAN) and Industrial Ethernet......

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PROFINET Demo for Renesas Starter Kit+ RX63N available

port GmbH now offers ready to use PROFINET demo device for the Renesas Starter Kit+ RX63N for download.  port provides a flash image for the RENESAS Starter Kit+ RX63N implementing a CC-A PROFINET I/O device with 64 byte input and 64 byte output at 1ms cycle time. Beside a detailed documentation and the binary file, a YouTube video describes how to configure the......

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PROFINET Stack - compatibility with industrial control systems

The PROFINET stack (CC-A / RT 1) is continuously tested with the current controllers available on the market for compatibility. Only recently, a series of tests was completed. The following industrial controls (PROFINET stack CC-A / RT 1) compatible: Bosch Rexroth IndraControl L65: Test OkSiemens S7-1500: Test OkSiemens S7-300: Test OkMolex I-F2 controller card: Test OkTwinCat: Test OkKW-Software Controllers: Test OkPhoenix......

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CANopen Patch 4.4.p78 for CANopen Library available

We would like to inform you about the availability of a new patch for our ANSI-C CANopen libraries.(Art.No: 0564/xx)  The following extensions / enhancements are included:  implementation of a new callback to avoid the initialization of manufacture specific objects by the CANopen librarybetter multiline support for the CANopen safety packageimproved support for arrays of strings and......

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Try the POWER of POWERLINK: POWERLINK Demo-Device for SITARA AM3359 Industrial Communications Engine (ICE)

The SITARA AM335x CPU from Texas Instruments consists of a Cortex A8 core and 2 supplemental PRU cores. Using this combination, a powerful and responsive POWERLINK slave can be implemented. Company port provides all parts to fully support POWERLINK on this platform. Using the Industrial Communica-tion Engine...

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POWERLINK – Use Cases in open, POWERLINK compatible networks

Use Cases - POWERLINK with FPGA and Soft-CPU This case is the most common use case, it allows for an excellent POWERLINK Performance and supports all outstandingPOWERLINK features.In this scenario a Hub-IP Core ensures low latency and low jitter in the line-structure of the network.A special component PE²MAC (POWERLINK Enhanced Ethernet MAC) provides a Autoreply functionality, which basically answersPoll-Request from the MN almost instantly with the corresponding Poll-Response. This......

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surveillance audit for ISO 9001 - 2008 passed

port in May 2013, the annual surveillance audit for ISO 9001 - 2008 passed without "negative" characteristics. This is commendable in so far as by our growth in the last 2 years have changed many processes and had to be adjusted. Particularly the processes in the software and hardware development were affected by the changes. Transparency, documentation, ongoing quality assurance, code analysis, MISRA, project controlling and many other processes were integrated in the great process......

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Renesas Electronics Europe and port GmbH Announce Free Software Packages for RX MCU Designs

Halle / Dusseldorf, May 13, 2013 – Renesas Electronics Europe, a premier provider of advanced semiconductor solutions, has teamed up with its software alliance partner port GmbH to offer an innovative software support programme to European customers. Customers who are planning to use the 32-bit RX MCU microcontroller family in their designs can qualify for a free-of-charge commercial software package from port GmbH up to the......

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port is first CEP of Hirschmann / Belden

Hirschmann / Belden and port agree cooperation in the area of embedded communication by using the Switching and routing technology of Hirschman/Belden....

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