06/2022 OPC UA - port industrial automation GmbH becomes a member of the OPC Foundation

port's middlerware GOAL is now being expanded with the integration of an OPC UA stack.

The GOAL OPC UA protocol stack provides an API to implement an OPC UA server.

There exist two versions.

port GmbH offering the "Nano Embedded Device 2017 Server Profile" as the smallest possible implementation of an OPC UA server for embedded devices.
Furthermore, the profile "Micro Embedded Device 2017 Server Profile" is offered as an extension of the Nano Profile. This profile also supports subscriptions (clients can be notified if certain data changes in the server) and 2 sessions (2 parallel connections with OPC UA clients).

get more information here: https://www.port.de/de/produkte/opc-ua-open-platform-communications.html