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  • Harmony Electronics Pty Ltd.

    Harmony Electronics Pty Ltd. Harmony Electronics has extensive knowledge in the semi conductor industry in offering a world class programming service at competitive rates. Experienced in a wide range of electronic industry segments, including industrial, consumer, telecom, power, security and military. We are particularly recognised for our experience and expertise in high volume production programming and in depth technical know how on Microcontroller products, thus delivering excellent Customer Experiences, as well as building mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. Our In depth expertise on Microcontroller products allow us to offer more specialised services including Firmware/Hardware development for ARM based and MIPS technology.


    - Fast Cost effective, production programming of all microchip pic devices
    - High yield, low failure rate.
    - Training on MCU microcontroller products
    - Contractual services for Firmware/Hardware/ development on MCU based Microcontrollers