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R-IN32M3 Module (RY9012A0) for Multi-Protocol Support

Certified Multiprotocol Industrial Ethernet Solution for PROFINET®, EtherNet/IP™ and EtherCAT®

RIN32M3 EtherNet Module

The Industrial Ethernet Module (R-IN32M3 Module) is a certified hardware and software solution that speeds up product development and brings it to the market quickly. Based on Renesas technology and quality standards, the module includes certified software of leading Industrial Ethernet protocols PROFINET®,  EtherNet/IPTH and EtherCAT®.

Target Applications

Industrial network slave applications

  • Sensors and transmitters
  • Gateways
  • Operator Terminals
  • Remote I/O solutions

RIN32M3 – Keyfacts

  • Certified Multiprotocol Industrial Ethernet Solution (PROFINET, EtherNet IP and EtherCAT)
  • Ethernet ports supporting 10 Mbit/s and 100 Mbit/s with auto negotiation
  • High speed SPI interface including power pins connecting the module to the host CPU and enabling the communication with the application
  • Device configuration via “Management Tool” and API through application controller
  • Software Abstraction Layer enables device application to be easily connected to the module protocol software.
  • Application MCU having full control of the Industrial Ethernet protocol enabling to run the real-time communication.
  • Comprehensive tool support and application examples in source code available to reduce development time
  • Software update of the module and the application MCU could be done through the Ethernet Interface
  • In the size of a dual port RJ45 connector and could support various network topologies and industrial network slave applications

Service around RENESAS RIN32M3 industrial ethernet modules

PORT offers a multitude of helpful services and products for integrating the RIN32M3 industrial ethernet modules into your application. save time and money with the service from port

We offer you different SPI drivers (including LINUX), engineering tools for easy configuration of real-time communication technologies, many extensions for EVAL boards, a simple API for connecting low performance host CPUs and much more.

Our laboratories offer you the PRE-Certification test for PROFINET, EtherNetIP and EtherCAT. If required, we can also support you with the official certification in the official laboratories of the PNO, ODVA and ETG.

no resources, not enough know-how - no problem, we would be happy to integrate the RIN32M3 industrial ethernet modules into your hardware and software environments. Complete hardware and software developments (OEM / ODM) complete our service "around the RIN32M3 industrial ethernet modules"


Engineering Tools

Easy to use Tools for development and testing.

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PRE-Certification / Final Certification Test

port GmbH is now offering a pre-certification test accompanying development in port GmbH's own laboratories

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Software Extensions "new"

Coming soon





µGOAL is a subset of GOAL, just enabling for carrying the stack´s API over SPI, C2CC (Core to Core Communication), Mailboxes etc.

learn more about µGOAL


Packages for EVAL Boards

Test the RIN32M3 and your system with our EVAL Boards


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Service and Engineering

no resources, not enough know-how - no problem, we would be happy to integrate the RIN32M3 industrial ethernet modules in your application

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About RENESAS RIN32M3 Industrial ethernet modules

Learn more about the RIN32M3 Industria ethernet module at RENSESAS



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You want the complete Package for your iRJ45 RIN32M3EC Modules- contact us for a consultation. With Port you benefit from many advantages:

  • save time and money
  • get Hard- and Software Support
  • be faster on the market
  • reduction of development effort

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