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Easier and faster Development for your RIN32M3

The Unified Design Tool Platform from port - speed up your development times - safe time and money - One tool for comfortable and easy configuration and object dictionary management.

available Plug-Ins: PROFINET / EtherNetIP / EtherCAT

Easy creation of new PROFINET / EtherNetIP / EtherCAT devices

  • Stack configuration
  • GSD file creation / EDS file creation
  • Keeps all in sync

Operating System: Windows™ and LINUX (32 and 64 bit)

requires Java Runtime 6 or higher

Allows configuration of all relevant aspects

  • Resource ManagementDevice Descriptions
  • Modules/Slots/Parameters
  • Parameters/Assemblies/Connections
  • Driver Settings
  • Assign modules and slots graphically
  • Extended User guidance: Follow the tasks instructions to complete your project