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Simple API  -  RENESAS RIN32M3 industrial ethernet modules runs as complete functional I/O proxy, streaming the object's data forth and back.

Simple API describes a software package, which allows integration of of the irj45/SoM module into applications without using a full GOAL platform. By stripping down the required dependencies from the GOAL industrial communication framework, integration is possible into a wide range of platforms from a simple ATMEGA 8-bit CPU with 2KB of RAM up to a linux PC.

GOAL vs uGOAL (Simple API)

Simple API/uGOAL tries to mimic the required functionality from the GOAL framework specifically needed by the application controller framework. It is configurable in different ways to ensure compatibility with a wide range of targets. Most GOAL functionality is not available, however the CCM specific examples for fieldbus applications can be reused mostly without adaption.

Lern more about API

Simple API provides an simple and easy method for integration RENESAS RIN32M3 industrial ethernet modules into customer applications. It consists of 2 parts: A simple software layer for communication with SoM and a configuration tool.

Simple API is tailed for small applications where only a certain amount of process data needs to be provided / processed. Additional features as parametrization and dynamic configuration is omitted for this feature.

The application integration consists of the following steps:

  • Using the configuration tool the integrator designs the device. This configuration contains device identity, module configuration and process data properties.
  • Then the Simple API software layer is integrated which will allow to identify the following properties:
  • Status LEDs
  • Connection state
  • process data

This data can be evaluated by the application and new process data can be provided to the RENESAS RIN32M3 industrial ethernet modules.

The product has not yet been released. We would be happy to provide you with a BETA version.

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